08 October, 2009


They are the new alternative to a bikini top - wear them to the beach, pool or under a sheer or semi sheer top to a club or bar.

They come in a huge range of styles and colours.

Nipple Covers: Pastease nipple covers have a medical-grade 3M® adhesive backing and are 100% safe for skin contact. Simply peel off the backing, position over your nipple, and stick on for instant fun! for just $11 per pair.

Nipple Petals: When it's time to be discreet we also have skin-tone nipple cover-ups available in 3 styles - hearts, daisies and minis - and two skin shades, for just $11 per pair.

Pastease Mini's: Just 20mm across, these aren't for the faint-hearted or self-conscious. They're the same price as all the others, and made from the same materials, but each pack contains 3 pairs - hearts, stars and circles.

apless Stick On Mico-Bikini: Team up your Pastease nipple covers with a strapless bikini bottom. Our most daring funwear, the strapless bikini is the same waterproof self adhesive construction as the rest of the Pastease range.

A 3.75cm X 6.5cm triangle that probably does no more than stop you from getting arrested. Available in black, white, hot pink, red, white, light nude, cheetah or camouflage for just $8 each.

Pastease are waterproof BUT they will fall off if your skin has any kind of lotion, oil or sunscreen on the area to be applied.

Special Offer: Buy any 3 pairs and we will throw in another pair for free.

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